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Banking & Finance Legal Services in Dubai, UAE


Banking & Finance Legal Services in Dubai UAE, we realize how dynamic is investment particularly in banking and finance is. This prompts us to always maintain banking and finance expert lawyers, who operate hand in hand with our highly trained corporate lawyers, who collectively make up an integrated team of professional, to provide appropriate financial and investment legal advice to our clients.

We maintain an extensive network with many law firms in the region and beyond…

With such combined expertise, we stand out among others as a firm that maintains a legal view on investment from all aspects hence the quality of legal advice we offer our clients.

Our propose and advise on the various legal criteria for investment sectors e.g. real estate, banking, stocks, oil and gas as well as various financial products to better protect our clients.

Our Services are extended to all types of corporate entities as well as individuals, who wish to explore investment opportunities or who have already invested in various investment portfolios and seek a professional legal perspective.


Banking & Finance Lawyers legally structure and restructure organization to turn them around on a legally stable visions, missions and indeed the methods to achieve its corporate objectives. We provide expert consultancy services to organizations to improve their performance and competitiveness by protecting their interest legally.

Our legal expertise as represented by our professional cadres, study each case independently to come up with appropriate and customized business legal solutions and supervise the process of implementation, in the meantime, we constantly keep watch on the process with a view to making any modification found necessary for better result as the case may be.


We have negotiated with various banking and financial institutions in the country to facilitate the arrangement of various types of financing for our clients to execute various investment projects of various sizes.

Our services include:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Restructuring Finance
  • Compliance with Central Bank
  • Islamic Finance



We provide long, short and medium terms legal project management services to clients with investments in various sectors of the UAE. Banking & Finance Lawyers also provide our clients with legal experts to monitor the progress of projects and oversee that the contracts are being followed by the sub developers or contractors, proper legal documentations and required steps will be followed throughout the development and lifespan of any projects in the UAE.

You may be eligible for a free banking & finance law consultation with our advisors,please call +971 4 4221944, or call 800LAWYER (800 529937) for further information.