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Debt Collection Lawyers In Dubai

Dishonored Cheques

At Al Safar & Partners, we explain and represent our clients at the civil court proceedings that we initiate on their behalf to recover debts. We also professionally pursue debts in favor of our clients from their indebted parties be them individuals or corporate entities throughout the United Arab Emirates. Our adopted method is very fast, effective and cost effective also.

We also professionally pursue debts in favor of our clients from their indebted parties be them individuals or corporate entities throughout the UAE…

We employ high professional and ethical values in our operations, where we maintain absolute confidentiality to the highest extent possible. We provide professional advice to small, medium and big corporations on how to recover their debts and how to mitigate the impacts of unpaid debts on its overall finances and accounts in a way that they don’t affect liquidity flow and/or the company’s operations and profits.

We appoint well experienced professional debt collectors, who have vast experience in local culture, applicable laws and indeed best practices, which have equipped them with all necessary credentials to pursue, recover, collect and delivery payments and debts back to our esteemed clients.

We also represent our clients in law suits to recover money due as a result of dishonored cheques.

CONFIDENTIALITY is the principle we stick to while dealing with our clients.


We also have appropriate strategies in recovering all types of loans. We have an elaborate system and extensive network of formal and informal contacts that enable us to conduct a search for debtors, survey their assets, and recover and collect the loans in the smoothest process possible at the minimum cost possible.

Our expanding contacts with individual, entities and authorities ensure the flow of information necessary for the success of our operations and pursuits.

In addition to recovering and collecting loans on behalf of our clients, we also provide them with necessary professional advice on managing, disposing of or investing any assets we have repossessed from the debtors on behalf of our clients.

Our professional consultants who possess diverse expertise work passionately on each case, which is handled by the experts in that field.


While we go to any extent possible to trace debt and loan skippers on behalf of our clients at the shortest period of time, if the circumstances require we also arrange, in coordination with the relevant authorities in the United Arab Emirates, the involvement of the Interpol to track down loan skippers wherever they flee to around the world.

We work through our various branches in many countries and with our numerous international partners all over the world to arrange an effective Interpol involvement to track down loan skippers, prosecute them and/or arrange their extradition to the United Arab Emirates subject to the dictates of the provisions of International law and other relevant bilateral and multilateral agreements.

You may be eligible for a free debt collection law consultation with our advisors, please call +971 4 4221944, or call 800LAWYER (800 529937) for further information.