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Family Lawyers In Dubai – Inheritance & Divorce Law

Family consists of our close and beloved relations and we, at Al Safar & Partners always keep that in mind while dealing with family matters. We display utmost care while handling the delicate family matters. Such matters are dealt under the Personal Status Law in the United Arab Emirates and this law enumerates within itself regulations to be followed during marriage, divorce, rules determining maintenance & child support, cases initiated to find the filiation of a child, adoption matters, and matters related to succession and inheritance, etc.

We display utmost care while handling the delicate family matters…

Divorce In UAE

Our team of family lawyers is experienced in dealing with family law & divorce cases. Our foremost aim is to achieve an amicable settlement between the parties seeking divorce in order to avoid any further conflict which if not possible we make sure to leave no stone un-turned in safeguarding the rights of our clients.

In Matters of divorce we also file for maintenance cases either before or during the divorce. Maintenance right is not only bestowed on the wife but also upon all the dependents of a person which includes the children and the parents of the person and therefore each of them has a right to claim the same. Divorce process is sensitive and private, confidentiality is enforced in the firm and all staff members are monitored to maintain privacy during and after the divorce is successfully legalized.


Filiation matters

Filiation matters are cases where the parentage of a child is sought to be found. Generally these are cases where one party asserts the paternity of a child while the other denies it. Medical evidences play an important role in such cases.

We are well acquainted with all the procedures and legal requirements of adoption and therefore provide full legal assistance for the same.

Succession & Inheritance

Succession & Inheritance are matters that are many times responsible for the breakdown of many families and therefore we ensure our fullest commitment towards an amicable settlement in order to avoid estrangement within the family. We also provide our full legal assistance, consultancy and representation to our clients in all court cases.

You may be eligible for a free family law consultation with our advisors, please call +971 4 4221944, or call 800LAWYER (800 529937) for further information.