Alsafar ISO 9001-2008 Certified

Fraud Notification

Illegal use of our name and Fraudulent Emails/Postal Letters

Al Safar & Partners has recently become aware that there are scams currently in circulation in the form of phishing emails and postal letters which reference the firm and the firm’s lawyers fraudulently in a manner that they are created and sent by our firm.

The phishing emails are inviting recipients to engage in fictitious investment schemes for purposes of defrauding the recipient, while the letters are being delivered through postal services to people residing outside the UAE claiming payment of funds belonging to people that passed away in the UAE for which reason it was not able to collect.

Al Safar & Partners has no involvement with these emails or any attached documentation nor with any postal letters.

We strongly urge everybody to be alert and to act cautiously in their own interest. Please do not reply or proceed with any such emails/letters without first checking with our firm as to whether the emails are genuinely related to Al Safar & Partners.

Keep in mind that our email addresses always end with and that we would never send emails from generic email accounts, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

In addition to this, you may easily realize the fraudulent nature of such emails/letters by searching for the content of those emails/letters on the internet.


Please call +971 4 4221944, or call 800LAWYER (800 529937) to report any such incidents.