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Working in UAE

United Arab Emirates is a country which accepts the most diversified cultures from people all around the world. The major proportion of the country’s population is made up of expatriates from various parts of the world due to which you never feel out of place. It is a country that always makes you feel at home!

Working in UAE exposes you to challenges at an international level which helps develop one’s skills and also imbibes in the confidence to deal with the global industries.

Apart from that working in Dubai provides for the following benefits:

  • Dubai is a city where you can experience and enjoy the whole world.
  • The Federal Labor Law of the UAE provides for various employment benefits and sanctions against exploitation of employees.
  • Good salaries and a good city to live in.
  • High Standard of living.
  • No personal taxes on your earnings.
  • Efficient criminal and judicial systems.
  • Efficient police and traffic control.


To Submit your applications you may contact our HR Department, please call +971 4 4221944, or call 800LAWYER (800 529937) ext 610.