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Our law firm fights against breaches of confidentiality , And tactfully defends cases of wrongful terminations"

We provide legal advice on UAE labour law to employers or employees:


We require review and guidance of our internal policy book

We provide assistance by reviewing and drafting policies in coordination with your company HR department. We insure legal compliance of all sections within the HR policies and contracts.

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Non competition clause

Non Competition clause is meant to protect companies and their confidential information, which maybe at risk upon employees leaving the company to join competitors in the market. The divulging of company secrets and or processes can be curbed by delaying the time period in which the employee can move to a competitor. This clause must be prepared in a specific legal format for it to be legally binding.

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Change of position or salary by employer

Employers and Employees have no right to make any changes to the employment contracts terms without both parties acceptance. Under the UAE Employment law the employment contracts are binding and can be enforced. Situations

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Termination due to COVID-19

Employers may terminate employees during COVID but it must still be in accordance to the labour law and the employment contract. Employers are likely required to settle the employees' dues.

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Labour & Employment Legal Team

A brief introduction about Our Labor & Employment legal team;

Mr. Obada Al Khatib is  a senior legal consultant overseeing the labor and employment disputes practice and the multitude of clients  currently represented by the firm . His experience  in labor matters is second to none. 

In addition to his legal guidance and monitoring of the legal works, Mr Ezz El Arab has also helped expand the litigation department and assisted in the setup of necessary system for managing the legal team minimizing errors and has also streamlined the effectiveness of quality control in accordance to ISO9001:2008 standards.  

  1. Mohammad Ezz El Arab – Head of Litigations
  2. Obada Al Khatib– Head of Labor Practice
  3. Xhuljana Ceka – Associate
  • Registered License with Dubai Legal Affairs – Active Legal Consultant
  • Registered Member of Syrian Bar Association

Mr. Obada Al Khatib is the Head of Labor & Employment Practice at Al Safar & Partners.


"We continue to learn everyday, with every case we evolve and our solutions are refined "


Successfully represented hundreds of labour cases and advised many Dubai based companies, Here are some of our services from our labour & employment practice:

Being one of the oldest firms in UAE (established in 1981) our team presents our vast experience and knowledge in the work we do. We have built a stellar reputation of advising clients on critical in house legal decisions pertaining to their work staff saving them millions in litigation. We maintain a cost effective fees structures for our clients.

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We understand the intricacies of labour laws in matters of payroll, compensation, and benefits. Our lawyers understand the complexities associated with unpaid salary, end of service benefits, compensations, and gratuity and will work with you to ensure they sort out the finest of details.

We will work closely with the employee whose rights need to be protected in the case of wrongful terminations or arbitrary dismissals. Our legal consultants will coordinate between the employer and employee and use their expertise to resolve the issues.

Our legal consultants will help you draft contracts that will keep the best interests of all parties in mind. With decades of experience in this space, our lawyers will also work with you on policies and decisions regarding employment and termination.
Our legal consultants will also help in the interpretation of obligatory employment laws.

The enforcement phase can be complicated and testing to the inexperienced. During this stage the clients reap the fruits of the labor recovering their dues or their compensations.

We work closely with companies on their internal handbooks and policies insuring that they are in compliance with local labour laws of UAE.

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