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Clarification Of Law firm Fees Structure In Dubai

Accounting Department

Clarification on al safar legal fees by adnan yusaf

Al Safar & Partners fees structure is based on importance, difficulty and urgency of a case. The fees will also differ based on the team undertaking the work their experience and their capabilities.

We estimate our fees based on a retainer of expected number of hours of work or a fixed fee basis whichever a client prefers.

Our accounts department consistently will maintain touch with clients to ensure payment of official court fees, within given court deadlines.

Missing set deadlines for payment will result in cases being rejected.

Additional charges will be notified to client for approval. Such charges usually include in office or external meetings ( as specified in CEA), administration expenses, as well as travel cost, publication of notices fees, courier expenses, long distance calls charges, barrister fees, court fees etc…  

It is rare to see any changes in the course of action, but chances remain that a case may need change in the scope of work.

In case of any changes in the scope of legal work legal fees will change as well, we make it a priority to officially notify our clients and clarifying any questions on the subject.

Consecutively a meeting on the change of scope will be held with legal department.

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Mr. Adnan Yusaf is the Head of Accounting Department at Al Safar & Partners.


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We offer many types of fee agreements. To cater to the specific needs of clients.

You may also request a personalized quote by emailing  accounts@alsafarpartners.com directly.

  • Litigation
  • Drafting Contracts
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Debt Collection
  • Consultations
  • Due Diligence
  • Translation
  • Company Formation
  • PRO services

Annual retainer agreements are usually favorable to companies with an active presence in the market. The annual retainer will include all services the law firm offers billed on hourly basis dependent on the needs of a company. Hiring a law firm on a retainer will alleviate the need for a company establish and manage an internal legal department.

A dedicated account manager of legal background will be assigned to such retainer clients.

Monthly retainer agreements are usually favorable to smaller companies or business men establishing themselves in the market. The monthly retainer will include all services the law firm offers billed on hourly basis dependent on the needs of a company.

Hiring the law firm on a monthly retainer will give smaller companies the legal support needed.

Hourly retainer agreements are usually favorable to due diligence work, settlement meetings or debt collection.  Engaging the firm on an hourly retainer will ensure speedy legal action when needed.

Legal cases can be engaged on a fixed fee agreement basis specified to a portion of or the entire cycle of the litigation process.

The firm may choose to accept cases  on contingency, applications are usually reviewed quarterly and must meet the requirements of the firm.

Al Safar & Partners does volunteer pro-bono work to select applicants. 

Legal Fee Structure In Dubai

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