Legal Assistant Job Purpose: Enhances effectiveness of Lawyers in handling cases through developing case facts, evidence, and settlement options; tracking cases; supporting trial proceedings.


  1. To keep cases organized by establishing and organizing files; monitoring calendars; meeting deadlines; document actions; input information into file database and case management software; confirm case status with attorney.
  2. To help develop cases by maintaining contact with people involved in the case; schedule depositions; prepare and forward summons and subpoenas; draft complaints; prepare and file discovery requests; prepare responses to opposing counsel; generate status reports.
  3. To keep clients informed on the case progress.
  4. To maintain case costs by verifying outstanding balance with attorney, clients, and providers.
  5. To support case preparation; prepare case summaries and materials for mediation conferences; prepare pleadings; monitor and obtain discovery responses; organize materials for team case review.
  6. To enhances trial proceedings by organizing evidence; prepare exhibits; schedule witnesses; ensure that witnesses are ready when needed; take courtroom notes.
  7. To keep themselves updated on recent legal amendments, freshly introduced laws, governmental regulations, etc. by participating in legal and educational seminars, reading newspapers, legal magazines and publication, participating in healthy discussions on legal issues, etc.
  8. To accomplish goals by taking initiative for undertaking new and different tasks and by exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.


Organized reporting, Efficiency in research, Legal Administration Skills, Powerful Litigation, Maintaining Client Relationships, Organization & Planning, Strong Attention and Observation, Confidentiality, Dependability, Client Confidentiality.

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