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Dubai International Financial Centre

We help our clients to resolve their disputes through arbitration when required. Since the DIFC is a special economic zone, these arbitrations help our clients enter into the most fruitful financial agreements. Our team boasts of experts in finance and financial brokerage in addition to some of the best lawyers in Dubai. Our expertise and training make us prepared to handle any DIFC arbitrations for our clients.

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Dubai International Arbitration Centre

The lawyers at Al Safar & Partners are immaculately trained to handle disputes at the international level as well. We actively and frequently represent clients in arbitrations submitted through the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC). DIAC is the biggest arbitration centre in the Middle East, which puts our expertise and skills into perspective. We have the expertise to arbitrate any disputes under the purview of international law or bilateral or multilateral agreements.

1 Free Consultation - 45 Minutes

Collect all your documents and contact us for a free consultation on your Arbitration Needs.
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Arbitration & Mediation Team

A brief introduction about the team

Al Safar & Partners has vast experience in arbitration. In 2013-2014 Al Safar recorded among the highest number of cases in DIAC centre. With an impressive success rate of 90%.

We start by clearly explaining the terms of the arbitration to our clients. During the arbitral proceedings we present a robust case for all our clients before the assigned panel of arbitrators. The sole arbitrator or the panel of arbitrators will listen to all the arguments made by the disputers. They also take into account any evidence provided by the parties before conveying their decision.

The Arbitral award is binding and confidential. Therefore, we provide the best professional guidance to help our clients understand the final decisions of the arbitrators and enforce the award.

Our collective expertise at Al Safar & Partners allows us to serve a host of industries in the United Arab Emirates. Our diverse team integrates seamlessly with the regional culture in the UAE preparing skilfully to take on the most complicated cases representing effectively all our clients. This helps us to more effectively represent our clients in arbitration.

Al Safar’s arbitration department has greatly developed on the past successes of the firm in this area of law, building on and making an even more  impressive track record . Mr. Eduard currently heads the department with Ms. Aparna Shan.

Eduard Nedelcu – Head of Department

Aparna Shan – Senior Consultant

Ghazi Abdalla Hajaj
Specialized Arbitrator in Shipping and Maritime

  • Registered License with Dubai Legal Affairs – Active Legal Consultant
  • Registered Members of Indian  Bar Association
  • Registered Member of the Costa Rican Bar Association
  • Registered in DIFC courts

Mr. Eduard Nedelcu is the Head of Arbitration Department at Al Safar & Partners.


"when we represent a client we maintain a strict diligent effort to protect their interest to the maximum of our capabilities and the law."


Our diverse team integrates seamlessly with the regional culture in the UAE preparing skillfully to take on the most complicated cases representing effectively all our clients matters:

The essential services we provide  enable our clients to obtain top quality arbitration service and representation in one place. For our fees structure click here.

We advise clients on the entire process of arbitration in UAE helping clients to choose the suitable arbitrators, witnesses, and most importantly analyzing the case facts and requirements for proper handling of the matter.

Our Team will draft contracts and arbitration clauses which strengthen agreements

From the first stages of the arbitration process until the dispute resolution we professional represent our clients while guiding them in every step of the way.

The enforcement phase can be complicated and testing to the inexperienced. During this stage the clients reap the fruits of the labor recovering their dues.

Our Team is capable of arbitrating on matters in Shipping and Maritime cases. 

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