Debt Recovery via U.A.E. courts by Al Safar & Partners

"recovering debt & unpaid invoices in U.A.E. requires strong & fast legal action!

One of the below situations may relate to you:

Scenario 1

We require mediation services to help collect unpaid invoices.

Our first step is for our lawyers to conduct mediation meetings to help solve the payment disputes as efficiently as possible without inuring too much cost for either party. Once terms are agreed on both parties will enter into a settlement agreement. As part of our completion of collection cycle we monitor timely payments in order to avoid future dispute on the same matter.

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Scenario 2

We have tried mediation with no success whats next?

We like to avoid expensive and time consuming litigation wherever possible, but waiting too long also gives opportunity for debtors to restructure and avoid their responsibilities. Once a decision has been taken to pursue via litigation we act in fast and efficient steps.

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Scenario 3

After successful mediation the debtor defaults again to pay us, what can happen?

In many situations the debtor fails to continue paying the debt as per the signed agreements and therefore the creditor will be compensated with post judgement interest or penalty as mentioned in the settlement agreement. Debtors will have to pay a larger amount.

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Scenario 4

We have a judgment but no collections yet!

The enforcement of judgement can be just as complicated and long as the main case if not more. The law sets clear process for execution of judgement which need to be adhered to and followed up on regularly to obtain final results of collection.This is where lawyers have to work harder and get more creative.

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Debt Collection & Execution Team

A brief introduction about Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly experienced debt collection professionals, who have vast knowledge in the laws and practices of the UAE and we are on daily coordination with the govt departments and authories in UAE. We follow set processes in tracing assets of debtors and taking the necessary steps to prevent their transfers ensuring better results.

Our management has setup systems which developed the execution department and setup a procedures of managing the processes of enforcement across a team and streamlined it for efficiency and obtaining results. Hundreds of cases managed to successful completion.

  1. Mohd Ezz Al Arab – Head of Department
  2. Imane Zeroukhi– Head Of Legal Coordination
  3. Ismat Hamad Salha – Execution Dept. Northern Emirates
  4. Jack yousef – Execution Dept. Abu Dhabi
  • Registered License with Dubai Legal Affairs – Active Legal Consultant
  • Registered Member of Egyptian Bar Association
  • Members of the Syrian Bar Association

Debt Collection & Enforcement at Al Safar & Partners.

"every matter is handled with urgency and care and we push our team to enforce the judges orders as quickly as the law permits"


We use technology and international standards to manage our cases. Here are some of our services for debt collection matters:

The essential services we provide  enable our clients to accomplish their debt recovery needs in one place.

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Writing an strong notice is a mix of legal knowledge, experience, and research it is crucial in the collection process. Notices should be well thought out understanding what needs to be mentioned and what should’nt.

Phone calls and emails will be sent out in an attempt to mediate the matter. Debtors will be give a period to respond and begin the settlement process, before going onto the next phase of litigation. 

The litigation phase includes much work in preparing the file to be submitted to the courts. Pleadings must be precise and well supported by evidence. All of which are very much necessary to obtaining a favorable judgement.

The enforcement phase can be complicated and testing to the inexperienced. During this stage the clients reap the fruits of the labor recovering their dues.

Consultations By Our Dept Collection & Execution Department

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AL Safar & Partners is one the very rare law firms in the U.A.E. certified for quality management, we work hard to keep improving our internal processes & Quality.

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The team's experience on the subject of Debt Collection is vast over a period of 39 years in the legal profession.

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