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Family & Divorce Team

A brief introduction about Family law & Divorce Dept.

At Al Safar & Partners, our family law and divorce consultants are dedicated to providing top-notch legal counsel to our clients during their most challenging times. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of legal matters, including divorce, separation, maintenance, child support, custody, adoption, filiation, inheritance, and succession. We understand that these cases require the utmost discretion and sensitivity, and as such, we prioritize maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the entire legal process, even after the case is officially closed.

At Al Safar & Partners, we understand that navigating the complexities of family law and divorce can be a difficult and emotional process. Our team of experienced lawyers is equipped to assist our clients with a range of matters, including custody disputes, divorce, separation, maintenance, child support, filiation, adoption, inheritance, and succession. We are knowledgeable of the UAE’s Personal Status Law and are committed to working towards amicable settlements that prioritize the well-being of all parties involved, especially children. Our commitment to client confidentiality extends throughout and beyond the resolution of a case.

It has always been our mission to be one of the most compassionate and considerate law firms for our clients. Our resolve allows us to represent our clients with unprecedented passion and empathy in all family law and divorce matters. We see to it that our clients are not denied their rights. At the same time, we strive to avoid any acrimony between all concerned parties.

  1. Naima Labga – Head of Department
  2. Mohd Ezz Al Arab– Senior Legal Consultant & Head of Litigation Dept.

  3. Apran Shan – Senior Legal Consultant
  • Registered License with Dubai Legal Affairs – Active Legal Consultant
  • Registered Member of Algerian Bar Association

Ms. Naima Labgaa is the Head of Family and Divorce Team at Al Safar & Partners.


"You need energy to succeed, energy to pursue that goal and achieve it, and to generate that energy we rely on passion in our work!"

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What law is applicable on getting a divorce in the UAE?

According to the recent regulations, Expat resident couples who were married in their home country but plan to file for their divorce in the United Arab Emirates may follow the divorce laws of the country where the marriage originally took place.

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Is my will valid in the UAE?

The UAE government has announced a new legislation for inheritance. Previously, the Sharia Law of Inheritance was even applied to the estates of non Muslim expats who passed away in case of lack of proper wills and legal documents, causing their assets to be distributed according to Sharia law including the custodianship of their children. The new law has made it possible for foreign passport holder of Muslim origin to choose the law of that nationality, which is a decision welcomed by many investors.

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How long do the divorce proceedings takes in Dubai?

It will usually take an average of 3 to 6 months, it may be longer if the matter becomes too complicated. It depends mainly on how amicable both parties are during the proceedings.

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Child protection law

What is the UAE child protection law?

The UAE child protection law (previously known as Wadeema law) effectively protects children against all types of dangers from negligence, exploitation, physical and psychological abuses. The law also does take into consideration smoking which it bans in public and private vehicles and indoors wherever children are also present. The law protects all minors till the age of 18.

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"We maintain utmost care while handling the delicate family matters…”

Our services for family law and divorce matters

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If you are filing for a divorce in UAE, our team of divorce lawyers can represent your interests in court. Our divorce consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi first try to resolve such matters without encouraging court proceedings if possible. If court proceedings are unavoidable, we provide all required guidance, legal expertise, and representation to our clients. We also provide adequate assistance with divorce verification procedures.

We also file for maintenance cases on our clients’ behalf during or before an ongoing divorce case. The right to maintenance support applies to all dependents, including the spouse, children, and parents. Therefore, we ensure that our clients are aware of the law to make an informed decision in such matters.

The litigation phase includes much work in preparing the file to be submitted to the courts. Pleadings must be precise and well supported by evidence. All of which are very much necessary to obtaining a favorable judgement.

We have family law experts who can help our clients with succession and inheritance cases. Many clients are concerned about estrangement from their family members after filing such cases. We ensure that such cases are pursued with much professionalism and care so that they get resolved amicably.

Filiation cases pertain to contesting or advocating the asserted parentage of a child. Such cases require medical evidence to prove or disprove the parentage or paternity of a child. We help with the correct interpretation and communication of such evidence in court proceedings.
We also provide legal assistance in adoption cases. Our experts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are also well-versed in UAE’s adoption laws. They patiently walk our clients through the requirements of UAE law so they can adopt a child without any complications.

United Arab Emirates has worked hard to protect juveniles rights and their futures, a large parto the effort is focused on correction of individuals who might have fallen into wrong ways.

Anyone below 18 years of age is considered a Delinquent juvenile at the time of committing the crime.

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