DUBAI — Al Safar and Partners has been awarded the title of 2015 Full Service Law Firm of the Year by ACQ, an Acquisition Finance Magazine with a global audience of over 119,000 subscribers.

Each award given by ACQ is decided upon by the industry itself, with a heavy emphasis on reader insight and experience to provide nominations. Since 2006, ACQ has honored various corporate players for their services, progress, success, customer satisfaction, and more.

“As Founding Partner of Al Safar and Partners, I couldn’t be more proud of our team for securing this high honor. We could not have reached our level of success without the hard work of our staff and management team, and we look forward to providing the same high-quality service for years to come.” Mahdi Al Safar

In addition to the Full Service Law Firm of the Year award, the Managing Senior Legal Consultant at Al Safar and Partners, Ms. Kavitha Panicker, has also received the award of Managing Partner of the Year for the 2015 ACQ awards. Along with Ms. Panicker, the exceptional management team at Al Safar and Partners have worked since 2008 to grow the firm and acquire the rare ISO 9001:2008 certification, making Al Safar and Partners one of the few certified law firms in the GCC and Middle East to adhere to the American Bar Association’s strict code of conduct.

The services provided at Al Safar and Partners extend to all fields of law in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, and include the following types of law practice:

Intellectual Property
Real Estate
Other categories as deemed necessary by the client

Since receiving the ACQ award for 2015 Full Service Law Firm of the Year, Al Safar and Partners has continued pressing on towards improving the customer experience and maintaining excellence in every sector of the firm. As leaders in the law industry, Al Safar and Partners looks forward to another successful year of serving our clients with the highest legal and business standards, quality of service and a continued pursuit of justice.


Established in 1981 by advocate Mahdi Al Safar, Al Safar & Partners has kept clients protected for 33 years as one of the top four law firms in the UAE. Al Safar & Partners has received multiple awards for cases filed in court, most recently receiving the Dubai Courts Strategic Partner award in 2013 and the ACQ Full Service Law Firm of the Year award in 2015. As one of the few ISO 9001:2008 certified law firms, Al Safar & Partners acts as an international leader in the law industry and continually provides its clients with the highest quality, full service protection for all law-related interactions.

AS&P advocates & legal consultants (Al Safar & Partners) have been awarded the Prestigious Strategic Partners Award by Dubai Courts. Their contributions and strategic co-operation with the Dubai Courts have been very significant earning a prominent position among the top four firms which are most active in filing the highest number of cases with Dubai Courts System. H.E. Dr. Ahmed Saeed Bin Hazeem, General Director of Dubai Courts on 20th May 2013 felicitated the law firms for their contributions where AS&P was recognized as one of the top four law firms in Dubai to receive such an honor, receiving the award was Managing Partner of AS&P Kavitha S. Panicker.

The ceremony had commenced with the insightful words of Dr. Hazeem who stressed on the need of a hassle free procedure for approaching the courts by the litigants for securing their rights. He appreciated the strategic partnership of the courts with various law firms which he believed to play an essential role in providing easy access to justice to the litigants. The esteemed award was presented to AS&P for the number of cases filed in the Dubai Courts which represented their active participation in assisting the judiciary in the duty to meet legal ends and secure justice to all.

During the ceremony Dubai Courts launched three new online service programs with the aim of boosting confidence in the system and to facilitate litigation for the public. The online services provided include online case registration, access to online case archive and the rendering of pro-bono legal advice. The various benefits of these services include transparency, saving of time and energy, ease of access to courts and allowing cases to be filed in Dubai from any part of the world highlighting Dubai’s commitment to advancing all aspect of its service to the public.